Pula - Croatian Defenders’ Home, from 1st until 10th December 2017

This year Pop Reading marks its third edition. The Fair(y) has always approached literature as something thet permeates everything around us. Literature exists beyond bookshelves and the literary canon, we breathe it and absorb it daily, often withouth realizing that we are constantly – reading. Anti-Obligatory Read takes us back to the basic defintition of literature and familiarizes high school students with the younger generation of contemporary authors. Kruno Lokotar and Emir Imamović Pirke are the well-coordinated duo that hosts this morning programme, and so far they've introduced blogger Boba Đuderija, poet Marko Pogačar, novelist Goran Vojnović, journalist and writer Davor Mandić and crime author Nenad Stipanić to local high school students.


  • 04.12

    Goran Bogdan and WEST HERZEGOWINA FEST

    Hosts: Kruno Lokotar and Emir Imamović – Pirke


  • 05.12

    Tanja Mravak and the book OUR WOMAN

    Moderators: Kruno Lokotar and Emir Imamović Pirke


  • 06.12

    Mario Knezović and ZOSTER

    Hosts: Kruno Lokotar i Emir Imamović Pirke

  • 07.12

    Sven Popović and NEW MANUSCRIPT

    Hosts: Kruno Lokotar and Emir Imamović Pirke

  • 08.12

    Ružica Aščić and THE GOOD DAYS OF VIOLENCE

    Hosts: Kruno Lokotar i Emir Imamović - Pirke