Pula - Croatian Defenders’ Home, from 1st until 10th December 2017

Since 2001 Twilight Reading has been promoting publishing activities in the year coming to an end, bringing into focus hot off the press books that haven't been presented to the general public yet. Discussion between colleagues – authors, publishers, translators and literary critics – familiarizes the audience with titles that will make a lasting impact on the publishing year and gives them an insight into books worth reading. Twilight Reading is marked by comprehensive analysis, expert opinions and emotional presentations, and we look forward to it year after year.


  • 02.12

    Jurica Pavičić: RED WATER (Profil)

    Participants: Jurica Pavičić, Adriana Piteša, Paola Orlić


  • 03.12

    Ivica Prtenjača: THE SILENT COLLAPSE (V.B.Z.)

    Participants: Ivica Prtenjača, Drago Glamuzina, Paola Orlić


  • 07.12

    Marina Vujčić: A MATTER OF ANATOMY (Hena com)

    Participants: Marina Vujčić, Paola Orlić, Andrea Matošević

  • 08.12

    Christoph Ransmayr: COX OR THE PASSAGE OF TIME (Leykam International)

    Participants: Christoph Ransmayr, Vladislav Bajac, Andy Jelčić